Dr Botanicals Advanced Revita-Boost Eye Therapy

Dr Botanicals 1

As a female in my questionable “prime” years and on the good side of my 40’s, when I was approached by Dr Botanicals I jumped at the chance to do a review of Dr Botanicals Advanced Revita-Boost Eye Therapy, or as normal folks say; eye cream! Firstly I lurve me an eye crea, from Lancome to Body Shop, I have tried many in the quest to keep them pesky laughter lines (THEY ARE NOT WRINKLES!) to a minimum.  Secondly the Scottish Lass in me could not say no to a freebie!

The product arrived well packaged and retails for £74.90 for a 15ml pot of the wonder cream.  It contains among many things Pomegranate Oil and Shea Butter both known for their hydrating properties which is perfect for repairing skin damaged by weather and UV rays………as I live in (not so) sunny Scotland I was more concerned with the “weather damage” given the gale force freezing winds we enjoy from October to March 🙂

Dr Botanicals 2The cream is silky smooth and absorbes into your skin quickly, I always apply eye cream using my middle & ring fingers and in circular motions as you will see in this video. The skin is left with a slight sheen and works fine under foundation and concealer, I would go so far as to say it improved the brightness under my eyes even under my industrial strength heavy duty Clinique 2in1 Beyond Perfecting foundation and not much ever shows through that bad boy!;-)

I have been using the cream for 7 days, applying in the morning and most nights (wine + late night = slapdash skincare) and I can genuinely say I love it!

Now would I buy it??????? £74.90 is a hefty price to pay for a small pot of wonder cream and normally I would say definately not, however will I feel the same when I reach the end of the current pot………..I may need to start saving the pennies now.  If you subscribe to their mailing list they regularly dish out discount codes and I will certainly be trying other products from the range……..I have my eye on their Bio-Vitality Nutrition Oil and Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil as I love the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate so based on the quality of the eye cream I have very very high hopes!

Let me know if you have tried any of the products and your thoughts.

Pandora x

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