Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Subculture PaletteAfter the massive success Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette which has become a Holy Grail palette for many, the beauty world waited with baited breath and freshly washed brushes for the next palette release and on 2nd August 2017 the Subculture palette was FINALLY made available on Beauty Bay in the UK! So in a blink of an eye I spent £41……..queue Billy Connoly-esqu reaction from Mr P! “for a feckin eyeshadow!!!!!!” This from the man who regularly buys me Chanel nail polish, Kat Von D mascara and tattoo liner and Lancome moisturiser without (obvious) prompting…….he is a keeper!

Given that the brand is based in the US of A, the release date for our American beauty Babes and Bobs was on 25th July 2017 and as such YouTube, Twitter and Instagram were awash with good, bad and ugly reviews.  Many stating the fallout was horrendous, the shadows extremely powdery and the bizarre muddy effect people achieved when blending on the lid! Damning reports to say the least!!!

However, on 2nd August 2017 I yelped with excitement when Beauty Bay announced the release and logged on like a possessed woman to order said palette! After the usual Euphoria of securing such a highly sought after palette subsided I became slightly concerned over the reviews out there with many suggestions that there were “bad batches” out there and word that ABH was accepting returns……….never have I returned a palette or known anyone too, so this feels like either an acceptance of slight failure from ABH or amazing customer service.  Sadly I was assuming the former!

When my palette arrived the next day (free next day delivery from Beauty Bay – mucho love) I opened the box and packaging to reveal the velvety teal coated palette!  Containing 14 shades in the Autumnal 70s vibe kind of range the palette is the exact same size as the MR palette and sadly has the same velvet cover which personally I loathe as it is impossible to keep clean, albeit the teal shade may be more forgiving than the dusky pink of its predecessor! The new shades, personally, make a welcome change from the warm brown colours that seem to be in EVERY single palette at the moment (Morphe 35O being the main start of this trend), that being said the colours do still have a warmth but with the added bonus of a dark purple  shade (Rowdy) and three shades of green from a khaki (Destiny) to a forest green (Untamed) and finally a deep emerald (Axis).  The only recurring shade is the much loved Fudge which was previously in the 2015 Couture World Traveller Palette and can also be bought as a single shadow! So all in all we have 11 matte shadows, 2 shimmer/glitter shadows and 1 duo chrome! The pigmentation is intense on all of the matte shadows, the glitter shadows I found worked better using either my finger or a brush sprayed with Fix Plus.  The duo chrome is quite simply RUBBISH! I really wish they had left it out and gave us a highlighting shade for the inner eye and brow bone as this is sadly lacking!

On applying the shadows I found a soft approach better, no need to be double dunking the brush or swirling as the product crumbles and untimately the precious pigment will go to waste!  In addition the pigment is sooooooo intense that a small amount goes a long way and I feel the “muddy” effect many had experienced was probably down to an overload of product especially when buffing in as this pushes the shadow to the outer of the application giving a lightly weird dark outer ring effect!  So softly does it and I cannot say this loud enough but good brushes are definately needed when dealing with a highly pigmented shadow.

So to sum up my thoughts on this palette; on a positive the matte shades are extremely pigmented and I would go as far to say they are a pure pressed pigment and in the main have a creamy texture, on a negative note the palette is not balanced for me, firstly there is no decent transition shade unless you want your crease to be noticably peach, khaki or dirty brown (Mercury – this would be a great contour shade but didn’t work on my eyes at all) and secondly there is no highlighting shadow so personally I could not travel with this palette alone as it is missing some vital elements. Will I be returning it????? No, as all in all it feels like a nice palette to work with and whilst it won’t live in my “everyday makeup drawer” like the MR palette, I will bring it out to play over the coming Autumn and Winter months – otherwise known as August to May in Scotland 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on the palette and if you have found a way to get the duochrome to work for you without a mahoosive ringlight showing it up……Natasha Denona why???? Just give us a nice bright white pleeeeeease!

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