Embracing Change!

On the 23rd June 2016 Britain voted to leave Europe, my dad turned 62, my Sis from another Miss turned 39 (again ;-)) and little did I know on that momentous morning that my life was going to change…………………

Having returned from a lovely 2 week vacation in Mexico where the sun shone daily, we ate and drank our body weight in cocktails and nachos, we met some lovely friends and partied with reality TV stars (well one actually ;-)), I found myself thrust back into work life with renewed enthusiasm.  However, never having been affected by Jetlag I assumed the headaches and feeling of general unwellness (I was refusing wine – so anyone who knows me will understand the severity of this situation) three days after our return was down to this.  On the above fateful morning I awake as usual and stepped into the shower with the usual headache and tired heavy feeling but noticed I had also gained a new symptom……..a lovely red rash all down both arms.  Initially I assumed this was either a heat rash as I had been sweating during the night (stupidly not spotting this was a paracetamol sweat from the temperature I had been having – its always cold in Scotland so shivers are common) or an allergy to one of the trillion things I am allergic too……..Kiora orange being the original culprit aged 5!  Mr P was ready to leave the house as I wandered into the kitchen and when I mentioned the rash he went into auto-pilot getting out a tumbler (yes it’s a glass to non-scots) to roll over my mottled skin!  This proved inconclusive but on his insistence I called ADOC and was advised that as I was calling at 6:45am there would be no emergency appointment as the service finishes at 7:00am and I should wait from my own surgery to open at 8:30am (So folks if you need to get ill, 7:00am 8:30am is a no help zone).  Anyway, after another call to ADOC as I was rapidly feeling very unwell and had an overall feeling of “impending doom” Mr P decided to hotfoot it back home to whisk me to A&E.

Fast forward 10 days (the first 5 I have no recollection of) and following 4 attempts at a Lumbar Puncture, various tropical disease tests and an antibiotic described by the nurse as “bleach for the veins” I was eventually released from hospital and told it may take 24 months (yes 24 MONTHS) to recover and even then I may never recover to my full health or should we call it Pre-Men (that could cover so many topics lol) Health.

I haven’t mentioned that prior to this I was a busy active person and worked within Financial Services providing mortgage advice……………………………so if I were to ask anyone what is the main requirement for this career, the overwhelming response would be “good at counting”……..

Well 13 months on from that fateful day, guess what I can’t do…………..count! How unfortunate some would say, and believe me I have tried many brain training bits and bobs, I have also shed a few oceans of tears but thanks to the support of my family and the amazing Mr P I am taking it as an “opportunity” to try something new.

So folks keep your eyes and ears open (can you actually open your ears???????) as Pandora Bakes is becoming official and will be providing cakes, bakes, wedding favours and throwing in some extra beauty, travel and lifestyle blogging at the same time. Life is after all, what you bake it!



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  1. You are an inspiration, Debi! You are incredibly talented and determined and I’m looking forward to following all of your future blogs and watching as your success grows!


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