She Got The Babka (Seinfeld style)

Anyone who has watched the Seinfeld “The Dinner Party” episode will know of Babka!!!!! Mr P it seems has not seen said programme or heard of Babka and when asked by a colleague if his wife aka Moi 🙂 can make Babka, “I’m sure she can” was the response! Oh the optimism and belief he has in my skills!

So challenge set for the following week as his “I’m going on holiday from work and will feed you all sugary goodness before leaving” treat!

After a few YouTube views and a somewhat extensive trawling of t’internet to read the must do and must not’s of many traditional Jewish recipes (oh how I dislike cup measurements…….what is wrong with grams and ounces????) I settled on my usual concoction of a few with a little extra for the sweet toothed uniformed workies who will be scoffing it! (now see that is optimism as at this stage it could so easily have been a recipe filed in B.1.N. )

The day before arrived all too quick and the usual anxiety from a sweet rich dough and the “will it, won’t it rise” fear kicked in!  That coupled with having decorators in and the kitchen disarray and general stench of paint fumes all made for a challenging bake!

Good luck making this chocolately, nutty, cinnamony, streusely delisciousness….have faith and patience and it will all be ok!

Ingredients for the Babka

462g Allinsons Strong White Flour

15g Allinsons Dried Active Yeast

177ml Warm Whole Milk

100g Tate & Lyle Golden Caster Sugar

1tsp Madagascan Vanilla Extract *

1/2 tsp Table Salt

165g Stork Margarine

2 Medium Free Range Happy Eggs + 1 Medium Free Range Happy Egg Yolk**

Ingredients for the Chocolate Filing

350g Jar of Nutella

200g Silverspoon Dark Chocolate Chips (or mixed if preferred)

50g Chopped Pecans (or Hazelnuts)

2tbsp Tate & Lyle Golden Caster Sugar

2bsp Stork Margarine

1 Medium Free Range Happy Egg Yolk**

Ingredients for the Steusel Topping

120g Allinsons Plain Flour

60g Tate & Lyle Golden Caster Sugar

80g Stork Margarine

1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Ground Ginger


  1. Put the warm milk into your mixing bowl with 2tsp of the Caster Sugar and sprinkle over the Dried Yeast.  Leave to bubble and froth which will take 5 minutes – if it doesn’t do this I’m afraid the yeast is not working and you will need to start again with a new batch.
  2. Using a dough hook on your mixer (I have the Titanium Kenwood – it is my third and very precious child) add a few tablespoonfuls of the floor and mix till combined.
  3. Add the Eggs (2 + 1 yolk), vanilla, salt and sugar and mix on a medium speed.
  4. With your mixer at a slow speed gradually add the remaining flour.
  5. Turn your mixer to medium and gradually add the soft Stork Margarine and mix for 4 minutes till combined.
  6. Scrape the very soft sticky dough into a clean greased/oiled bowl and leave to prove in a warm place till doubled in size (Tip – as we live in antarctic type temperatures I turn my oven to 200c for 30 seconds, then turn off and put the bowl in the oven on the middle shelf (no need to cover the bowl) and place a pot of boiling water on the bottom shelf – close the door and leave for around an hour).
  7. Meanwhile line 2 loaf pans and if using a Bundt Tin ensure it is well oiled and floured
  8. Using a spatula split the dough in to two and place the first one on a well floured worktop.
  9. Heat the Nutella in the microwave for 30/40 seconds.
  10. Roll out the dough to a rectangle-ish shape till around the thickness of a pound coin.  Stretch using your hands if you prefer.  Press along the top long edge to make it stick to the worktop.
  11. Spread 1tbsp of stork over the dough leaving a slight gap around the edges.
  12. Spread half the Nutella over the dough and try to get close to the edge.
  13. Sprinkle 100g Chocolate Chips all over the Nutella
  14. Sprinkle 50g of the chopped nuts over the Nutella
  15. Sprinkle 1tbsp Caster Sugar over the Nutella/chocolate/chopped nuts.
  16. Slowly start to roll the dough starting from the long edge nearest you (think Swiss Roll type rolling).  Try to keep the dough tight by lifting gently and stretching as rolling.
  17. Cut the roll of dough into two longwise and squeezing two ends together start to twist the pieces together. Here is a little video to help (YouTube Babka Twist).
  18. Put into one of the loaf pans making sure the ends are tucked under.
  19. Repeat with second piece of dough.
  20. Put the loaf pans aside to prove to double the size either by covering and placing in a warm place or using my over/hot water method above.
  21. Once fully proved pre-heat the oven to 180c (350f)
  22. Brush the tops with egg yolk.
  23. Make the Streusel by placing all ingredients in a bowl and using your fingers bring together to make bread crumb texture.
  24. Sprinkle the Streusel top liberally over the Babka and place in the middle of the over for 45/50 minutes (as per usual I turn 2/3rds of the way through to accommodate my banjaxed oven).
  25. Remove from the oven and leave in the loaf pan/Bundt Tin for 10 minutes.  Remove and let cool………or simply scoff while warm and oozing with chocolate!  I am thinking custard or ice cream or double cream would be extra delicious with this while warm)


This will keep for 2-3 days and can be frozen for up to 3 months.  Remember after the 2-3 days should you have any left over, there is the option to turn it into a sweet french toast like the NYC Jewish Deli On Rye Cinnamon Babka French Toast…… makes my mouth water looking at the Instagram posts and I will definately be visiting should I make it to the Big Apple in the future!

Please let me know if any of you make this and I would love to see some pics 🙂


*any vanilla extract will do

** freeze the egg whites and instant meringue ingredients! 😊 

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